Where to find Antique Cast Iron Skillets

Many pieces of cast iron cookware have been passed down through generations in families, and are still used today to make the same great tasting food that was originally made in them by the first generation.  To start a new collection of cast iron cookware of your own, head over to Best Cast Iron Skillet Reviews for a “heads up” on which skillet is right for you. However, if you are wondering where to find antique cast iron skillets because of your love for these pieces, you will be easily able to find them in various places.

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Identifying Antique Cast Iron Skillets

To make sure you have indeed found an antique piece of cookware, you should know some identifying factors first. The foremost thing to check for is the manufacturer, which you should be able to find by looking at the bottom of the skillet. Most companies will have imprinted their logo, name and/or city where the pan was made on the bottom. You can also look for any letters, symbols or numbers which seem extraneous, since these are what is called pattern-maker marks and will identify the maker or the pattern. You might find the size marking as well that can help you to determine the age of the skillet.
The surface of the skillet can be a telling sign as well. A shiny surface can tell you that it is nickel-plated, which was a process that started around 1890. Later on many of these cast iron skillets had porcelain covering them. Other things such as the type of handle that the pan has, or if there is a heat ring on the bottom can tell you the age of a particular skillet. Also, if the skillet has a lid with it, it can tell you that it was made in the 1900’s, as they were not made until around 1915.

Where to Purchase Antique Skillets

Once you know some of the things to look for to correctly identify an antique skillet, you can start searching for them. Locally, you can first try any antique furniture or collectibles stores. Many times you can happen upon these pans at such places, and you can easily examine them to be sure of how old they truly are. You can also check places like a Salvation Army, flea markets and similar places.

If you want to search further, and perhaps with a lot more choices, you should search on the Internet. The major disadvantage here is that you won’t be able to physically examine the pans and will have to rely on the pictures that the seller provides. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller so that if there is a problem you can always return your purchase.

Where can I buy Antique Cast Iron Skillets Online?

There are some sites that are perfect to check out and specialize in such things, like antiquefurnitureandcollectiblesonline.com. However, you can also check sites such as eBay.com, where you can find a whole separate antique section, and also Etsy.com, where there are several different sellers who have these pans for sale.

With a bit of searching, whether locally or online, you are sure to be able to discover where to find antique cast iron skillets and get the pieces you are looking for. Whether you want them for your own use, or for decoration, these antique pans look great in any collection.