How to Remove Snow from the Roof

Snowfall can affect the roof in several ways. Every inch of snow weighs a lot. When this weight is scattered all over the roof, it can become a reason of permanent structural harm to it no matter how sturdy the roof is. Accumulated snow over the roof is also a reason for leakage.

Unlike your driveway where you can use a good four wheeler snow plow, the roof requires someone to physically remove the snowfall. If you are interested in a good attachment for your tractor though check out best  lawnmower plow blades guide for a good starting point.
How to Remove Snow from the RoofAnother problem begins with the melting of the snow and the re-freeze. With this phenomenon of melting and refreezing becomes the reason of ice formation on the rooftop which becomes the reason for more weight.

If you fail to remove the snow from above a flat roof before the melting and freezing process begins, you may have to deal with a lot of weight on your roof that it won’t be able to cope with. It is extremely important to remove the snow from the roof. However, it is also extremely important to do it in a safe and satisfactory manner.

Steps to take in order to get the top of your house clean

Before beginning to remove snow from your roof, you must make a thorough assessment about the kind of roof you are dealing with. Is it slick, steep or angled? In any of these cases, you would be better off not mounting it. It will be much better to replace this kind of roof altogether. On the other hand, if you see that the roof is flat enough to tread and there is not serious problem if you mount it, you can go about removing the snow.

Beware that the air will be much colder on the top of the roof as compared to your living room. When you climb out, be fully prepared to confront the cold. The first thing to take care of is what you wear. The boots should be thick soled and properly insulated. The soles must also be of the gripping kind. The clothes must be comfortable and dry. Make sure that the clothes provide you an ability to move around without hindrance. You must also have a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat.

It may sound a little stupid to strap a safety harness around your clothes. However, if God forbid, you fall, the rope will take care of you, and you will be very grateful that you had it on you. A safety rope is ideal for this. Connect a rope to the harness and connect its other end to something inside the house that has significant weight.

What tool will I need to remove the accumulated snow?

Now you need a shovel with a telescoping handle. A light-weight shovel will be much more suitable. Gently, start shoveling snow from the roof. You don’t need to shovel to the surface area of the roof because you may scratch it coating. The remaining snow over the roof can be removed with the help of a rigid broom.When you are tossing snow off the roof, watch that you are not hitting the electric lines or the trees of shrubs. When you have cleaned the roof to your satisfaction, get off the roof and get inside.
Shoveling snow off the roof is a dangerous job. You may do much better with a roof rake since it does not require you to climb the roof for the purpose of cleaning it.