Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

If your garage door opener is not working, do not panic!  A few little clues can help you with garage door opener troubleshooting, and you’ll be in or out of your garage in a jiffy.

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

This article aims to give you a few key tips and pieces of advice to get that garage door working without costly expenses.  If you end up having to replace your garage door check out the best replacement garage door openers on the market today.

What is not working on the garage door?

To start with, if it’s the control pad that is failing to light up or if there is a weird adn unusual sound coming from the garage door motor itself, then you should be aware that this means those individual components are out of wake.  You have to look at the symptoms of the problem to see where to go for fixing.  If you are not sure if your garage door remote is working, try opening or closing your door by another way, perhaps with the wall mount operator.  If the wall mount works, you know you need a new battery or remote.  Sometimes there will be a blinking LED light on a remote to let you know the batteries are dead.  ,

If your wall mount does not work, but you know it’s not the component, because your remote still opens and closes your garage door, consider that the wall mount is often not battery run but instead usually runs on electricity from your home.  Examine the plug and wiring (just take precautions) and see if you can see any scorching, wires that are broken or exposed or any other obvious problem.  If there are electrical issues, consider speaking with and hiring a professional electrician unless you have experience in this area.  You can try resetting your breaker, though, as this causes little electric shock threat.

Finally, consider whether the sensors on your garage door are blocked.  On newer models, if something is obstructing the path of the garage door coming down, then it won’t open.  Even a small toy could cause this problem.

If you end up purchasing a new garage door, be sure to get a universal keypad to help you from getting stuck outside the house without a remote.

Check out these things first when you have problems with your garage door.  Chances are you can fix it yourself and avoid hefty fees and a hassle!