When Should I Start to Feed Baby Solids

The first bite of solid food your baby takes is an exciting time. For many parents, especially those feeding their first baby, this time can also be filled with trepidation about which foods are best to feed. Learn more about when to feed baby solids and which foods are best to start out with.

When to start baby on solid food

Grain Cereals, Fruits And Vegetables

One of the first solid meals many babies between the ages of four and six months have is cereal mixed with breast milk or formula.

However, you can also mix pureed fruits and vegetables with cereal as well. Many babies love applesauce or peaches mixed with their cereal. Choosing to use a baby food processor is best for pureeing fruits and vegetables to avoid the additives and preservatives in store bought baby foods. Check out the reviews of the all in one pureeing makers in order to get the best food maker for your little one. Making your own baby food is the best way to ensure freshness and the highest level of nutritional content. Baby food processors such as the Magic Bullet System allow you to easily and quickly make your own baby food.

Solid Foods To Start

In addition to foods like applesauce and peaches, feeding your baby other fruits and vegetables is a good idea. Always feed one food at a time and be sure to discuss the foods you select with your baby’s pediatrician if you worry about allergies or issues like stomach gas and acid reflux. Feed the first solid foods earlier in the day so you will have time to watch out for any allergic reactions. Some foods you might consider pureeing in your baby food processor include:

  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pears
  • Carrots
  • Avocados

Remember that most babies prefer the sweet tastes of fruits. However, an even mix of pureed vegetables is important. You might think about mixing vegetables with some applesauce or peaches for the first couple of times before giving vegetables alone.

The Signs To Look For

When your baby is starting sit up on his or her own while also being hold up the head and neck, it is safe to start introducing solid foods. Most babies begin sitting up without your help at the age of four to six months. Other signs that tell you it may be time to start feeding solid foods:

  • If your baby seems extremely interested in what you are eating or tries to take food out of your hands.
  • If your baby’s birth weight has doubled, it is time to start considering solid food choices.
  • If your baby seems hungry after a normal bottle or breast nursing.
  • Most parents have heard that mixing cereal with a baby’s cereal before the age of four months is the best way to get a baby to sleep through the night. You should always avoid feeding your baby solids too early unless otherwise advised by your baby’s pediatrician.

 The Other End Of The Spectrum

Waiting too long to start your baby on solid foods can have detrimental effects. If you worry about giving your little one solid food, talking to a pediatrician about your fears is best. Starting a baby after the age of six months on solid foods can create issues like iron deficiency and delayed growth.

Feeding your baby solid foods for the first time can be exciting, fun and a messy as well. Nothing beats the look on your baby’s face when tasting new foods, a time many parents are lucky enough to capture on film. Learning more about when to feed baby solids is important and can be the best reason to also start learning more about making your own baby food at home using a baby food processor.

Unique Piano Gift Ideas For The Musician In Your Life

Choosing a gift for someone can be challenging, especially if you want to give someone something special and unusual. When it comes to the piano player in your life, giving the gift of piano related items can be a great idea. It would be nice to be able to buy a stage ready electronic keyboard, but most of us can’t afford that as a gift! Check out these unique piano gift ideas for the player in your life and give your musician something they may never get from anyone else.

Cool Piano GIft Ideas

Knick Knacks And Figurines

The figurine that can sit on the piano is a great way to keep on reminding your piano player how much you care. Many unique choices are available, some being beautiful and artsy while others are humorous.

Maybe your musician would prefer a tiny replica of a baby grand piano or maybe he or she would enjoy a figurine of Schroeder from Peanuts, playing his tiny piano for Lucy. Some figurines double as music boxes while some are night lights. A small glowing piano figurine can be a beautiful addition to your recipient’s piano.

Electronic Keyboard

If you have a kid who is very talented at the piano and ready to perform on stage, it may be time to invest in a stage piano that can bring out the best sound when performing live. Check out the Yamaha CP33 review and you will see that it is one of the best values online, and you can get it shipped free to your door if you purchase on Amazon.

Musical Art

Some art can be complimenting to music, especially the painting that depicts piano related subjects. The black and white lithograph print of piano keys can be a great way to enhance a musician’s home decor.

You might also consider mirrors sets with piano keys painted on them, a wall hanging that is perfect for the musician whose piano is in a small space. Several options are available for piano related wall art. You might think about visiting local and online art galleries for finding unusual piano related art.

For The Musician And Coffee Lover

You may have seen many coffee mugs with all kinds of prints on them, but the one with a piano drifting into the sunset or the black mug with ivory keys laced around it can be the perfect choice for the piano player that also enjoys coffee throughout the day. If you choose a coffee mug, be sure to put chocolates and other goodies along with it. If your recipient reads music and does not only play by ear, you might also put a scroll of their favorite music in the cup, tied up with a nice ribbon.

Cool Piano Accessories

No matter if the piano player you are shopping for is a beginner or a master on the ivory, choosing piano accessories can always be a great way to say you care and want to hear more of their musical talent. One great idea is giving the gift of a drum machine that can provide background drums for piano notes. You might also think about the accessories necessary to take care of a piano like ivory key polish and the sheepskin clothes to go with it. A perfect way to give these types of gifts is by putting them together in a basket and wrapping it clear cellophane that is decorated with piano keys. Top the basket off with a black and white bow ensemble and you have a neat, unique gift for your piano player.

Nothing is quite as soothing as the sound of soft piano music. The musician you are seeking a gift for is unique and has a talent that warrants the most unusual and musically related gift possible. Consider these piano gift ideas when shopping and think about which ones most suit your musician.