How to Replace & Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade

Vice for Holding Pole Saw BladeWhen homeowners are at work sharpening their pole saw blades, they should make sure that they have very good lighting in order to really get a sense of the blade’s edge and how it reflects light.

Homeowners should then take orange oil and use it to help remove the tree residues and sawdust from the pole saw blade, especially its teeth. They can use a brass bristle brush to apply the oil and scrub off the tree residues. Some other types of brushes may harm the teeth of the saw blade. Once the blade is fairly clean, homeowners can take a compressed air hose and run the air over the pole saw blade.

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Replacing a Pole Saw or Saw Blade

You If you are in the market for a new pole saw or blade then you should check out some of Amazon’s replacement items. I prefer to shop on Amazon for these items because they ship large items like pole saws and replacement blades for free (as long as the order is over $25). This can be helpful for people like me who only drive a car, and cannot physically pick most items up at the store and drive home with them. I usually check out the reviews from places like & order the best reviewed item.

If you just want to get a new saw blade then go to Amazon and search for the “model” plus “replacement saw blade” and usually you will find one the right length to fit that particular brand.  Plus like I mentioned earlier, you just about can’t beat their prices, especially if you get free shipping on the items.

Top Sharpening Technique

The best way I know how to sharpen a pole saw blade is to use knife files to sharpen the individual teeth of their pole saw blades, after having the blade set into a vice so it will remain steady during the process. You set the file at the back of each tooth, and stroke the knife file against each tooth a few times, although a particularly dull blade may need more strokes. The newly sharpened tooth will cut through tree limbs much better. Whether or not you have experience with the process of sharpening blades, we always recommend that you  should wear leather safety gloves.

It’s best to sharpen pole saw blades sparingly, since they can only be sharpened so many times before they wear out and have to be replaced altogether. The manufacturers will usually offer replacement pole saw blades for as little as eleven dollars each. Pole saws have a locking mechanism that will have to be worked with in order to remove the existing blade. Homeowners will need to secure their pole saws properly during the replacement process for the sake of safety, but they should be able to easily loosen the current blade and secure the new one. Knowing how to replace and sharpen pole saw blades can save homeowners time and money.