How to Hang a Tree Stand

How to Hang a Tree StandHunting from a tree stand offers a lot of advantages. The height alone is a major asset many hunters enjoy, in particular bow hunters. Getting a tree stand installed and hung properly however discourages a lot of folks.

Some people find it easier to use  a tree stand that climbs up the tree with you as you go. These are excellent choices if you want to go to different places and hunt. I recommend getting one of the lightest climbing stands, so the trek to your spot is enjoyable.

If you have one spot that you will continue to use all season, it might be best to put in a permanent stand. Putting one up takes concentration and a good plan, but can be done in a relatively short time.

Here are a few steps to make the process safer and faster.

First, check your stand before you ever leave your garage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new stand or ten years old, make sure you have all of the parts and all of it in good, working condition. The same goes for your climbing harness.

Once you get there and pick out a tree, clear the ground underneath it. Accidents happen, but a fifteen foot fall hurts a lot less if you don’t land on a rock or a broken branch.

Next, set your steps. This is a tree, not the entrance to your local mall. Your legs and feet will turn 45 degrees or more sideways as you climb. To accommodate, set the steps at 90 degrees (right angle) to each other and about one foot up from the other one as you go.
When you get to the height you want (generally 15 feet), mark exactly where you want to place the seat. Now look down and note which branches are going to interfere with hauling your stand up to that point. You can either trim them on the way down, or climb down first and work your way back up.

Now comes the hard part:

Begin hauling the stand up with the strongest rope you have. Doubling or tripling up using your kid’s kite string is only going to get you hurt. Make certain you are higher than the mark you made for the seat. It’s much easier to reach down and work than to reach up. If you do that, you may be too tired to even enjoy the hunt when you’ve finished.

When you’ve hauled it up to your mark, tie-off the rope and follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly. Regardless of which stand you have though, make sure you attach the main strap first and tighten it down so it doesn’t slide down but will let you move it left or right a bit.

Now that you have the stand where you want it, carefully step onto it to make sure it can support your weight without sliding down or twisting to one side or the other. Keep your climbing harness on while you do this. If the stand stays in place, you’re good to go. Enjoy your new perch and Good Hunting!

When Should I Start to Feed Baby Solids

The first bite of solid food your baby takes is an exciting time. For many parents, especially those feeding their first baby, this time can also be filled with trepidation about which foods are best to feed. Learn more about when to feed baby solids and which foods are best to start out with.

When to start baby on solid food

Grain Cereals, Fruits And Vegetables

One of the first solid meals many babies between the ages of four and six months have is cereal mixed with breast milk or formula.

However, you can also mix pureed fruits and vegetables with cereal as well. Many babies love applesauce or peaches mixed with their cereal. Choosing to use a baby food processor is best for pureeing fruits and vegetables to avoid the additives and preservatives in store bought baby foods. Check out the reviews of the all in one pureeing makers in order to get the best food maker for your little one. Making your own baby food is the best way to ensure freshness and the highest level of nutritional content. Baby food processors such as the Magic Bullet System allow you to easily and quickly make your own baby food.

Solid Foods To Start

In addition to foods like applesauce and peaches, feeding your baby other fruits and vegetables is a good idea. Always feed one food at a time and be sure to discuss the foods you select with your baby’s pediatrician if you worry about allergies or issues like stomach gas and acid reflux. Feed the first solid foods earlier in the day so you will have time to watch out for any allergic reactions. Some foods you might consider pureeing in your baby food processor include:

  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pears
  • Carrots
  • Avocados

Remember that most babies prefer the sweet tastes of fruits. However, an even mix of pureed vegetables is important. You might think about mixing vegetables with some applesauce or peaches for the first couple of times before giving vegetables alone.

The Signs To Look For

When your baby is starting sit up on his or her own while also being hold up the head and neck, it is safe to start introducing solid foods. Most babies begin sitting up without your help at the age of four to six months. Other signs that tell you it may be time to start feeding solid foods:

  • If your baby seems extremely interested in what you are eating or tries to take food out of your hands.
  • If your baby’s birth weight has doubled, it is time to start considering solid food choices.
  • If your baby seems hungry after a normal bottle or breast nursing.
  • Most parents have heard that mixing cereal with a baby’s cereal before the age of four months is the best way to get a baby to sleep through the night. You should always avoid feeding your baby solids too early unless otherwise advised by your baby’s pediatrician.

 The Other End Of The Spectrum

Waiting too long to start your baby on solid foods can have detrimental effects. If you worry about giving your little one solid food, talking to a pediatrician about your fears is best. Starting a baby after the age of six months on solid foods can create issues like iron deficiency and delayed growth.

Feeding your baby solid foods for the first time can be exciting, fun and a messy as well. Nothing beats the look on your baby’s face when tasting new foods, a time many parents are lucky enough to capture on film. Learning more about when to feed baby solids is important and can be the best reason to also start learning more about making your own baby food at home using a baby food processor.

Unique Piano Gift Ideas For The Musician In Your Life

Choosing a gift for someone can be challenging, especially if you want to give someone something special and unusual. When it comes to the piano player in your life, giving the gift of piano related items can be a great idea. It would be nice to be able to buy a stage ready electronic keyboard, but most of us can’t afford that as a gift! Check out these unique piano gift ideas for the player in your life and give your musician something they may never get from anyone else.

Cool Piano GIft Ideas

Knick Knacks And Figurines

The figurine that can sit on the piano is a great way to keep on reminding your piano player how much you care. Many unique choices are available, some being beautiful and artsy while others are humorous.

Maybe your musician would prefer a tiny replica of a baby grand piano or maybe he or she would enjoy a figurine of Schroeder from Peanuts, playing his tiny piano for Lucy. Some figurines double as music boxes while some are night lights. A small glowing piano figurine can be a beautiful addition to your recipient’s piano.

Electronic Keyboard

If you have a kid who is very talented at the piano and ready to perform on stage, it may be time to invest in a stage piano that can bring out the best sound when performing live. Check out the Yamaha CP33 review and you will see that it is one of the best values online, and you can get it shipped free to your door if you purchase on Amazon.

Musical Art

Some art can be complimenting to music, especially the painting that depicts piano related subjects. The black and white lithograph print of piano keys can be a great way to enhance a musician’s home decor.

You might also consider mirrors sets with piano keys painted on them, a wall hanging that is perfect for the musician whose piano is in a small space. Several options are available for piano related wall art. You might think about visiting local and online art galleries for finding unusual piano related art.

For The Musician And Coffee Lover

You may have seen many coffee mugs with all kinds of prints on them, but the one with a piano drifting into the sunset or the black mug with ivory keys laced around it can be the perfect choice for the piano player that also enjoys coffee throughout the day. If you choose a coffee mug, be sure to put chocolates and other goodies along with it. If your recipient reads music and does not only play by ear, you might also put a scroll of their favorite music in the cup, tied up with a nice ribbon.

Cool Piano Accessories

No matter if the piano player you are shopping for is a beginner or a master on the ivory, choosing piano accessories can always be a great way to say you care and want to hear more of their musical talent. One great idea is giving the gift of a drum machine that can provide background drums for piano notes. You might also think about the accessories necessary to take care of a piano like ivory key polish and the sheepskin clothes to go with it. A perfect way to give these types of gifts is by putting them together in a basket and wrapping it clear cellophane that is decorated with piano keys. Top the basket off with a black and white bow ensemble and you have a neat, unique gift for your piano player.

Nothing is quite as soothing as the sound of soft piano music. The musician you are seeking a gift for is unique and has a talent that warrants the most unusual and musically related gift possible. Consider these piano gift ideas when shopping and think about which ones most suit your musician.

How to Remove Snow from the Roof

Snowfall can affect the roof in several ways. Every inch of snow weighs a lot. When this weight is scattered all over the roof, it can become a reason of permanent structural harm to it no matter how sturdy the roof is. Accumulated snow over the roof is also a reason for leakage.

Unlike your driveway where you can use a good four wheeler snow plow, the roof requires someone to physically remove the snowfall. If you are interested in a good attachment for your tractor though check out best  lawnmower plow blades guide for a good starting point.
How to Remove Snow from the RoofAnother problem begins with the melting of the snow and the re-freeze. With this phenomenon of melting and refreezing becomes the reason of ice formation on the rooftop which becomes the reason for more weight.

If you fail to remove the snow from above a flat roof before the melting and freezing process begins, you may have to deal with a lot of weight on your roof that it won’t be able to cope with. It is extremely important to remove the snow from the roof. However, it is also extremely important to do it in a safe and satisfactory manner.

Steps to take in order to get the top of your house clean

Before beginning to remove snow from your roof, you must make a thorough assessment about the kind of roof you are dealing with. Is it slick, steep or angled? In any of these cases, you would be better off not mounting it. It will be much better to replace this kind of roof altogether. On the other hand, if you see that the roof is flat enough to tread and there is not serious problem if you mount it, you can go about removing the snow.

Beware that the air will be much colder on the top of the roof as compared to your living room. When you climb out, be fully prepared to confront the cold. The first thing to take care of is what you wear. The boots should be thick soled and properly insulated. The soles must also be of the gripping kind. The clothes must be comfortable and dry. Make sure that the clothes provide you an ability to move around without hindrance. You must also have a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat.

It may sound a little stupid to strap a safety harness around your clothes. However, if God forbid, you fall, the rope will take care of you, and you will be very grateful that you had it on you. A safety rope is ideal for this. Connect a rope to the harness and connect its other end to something inside the house that has significant weight.

What tool will I need to remove the accumulated snow?

Now you need a shovel with a telescoping handle. A light-weight shovel will be much more suitable. Gently, start shoveling snow from the roof. You don’t need to shovel to the surface area of the roof because you may scratch it coating. The remaining snow over the roof can be removed with the help of a rigid broom.When you are tossing snow off the roof, watch that you are not hitting the electric lines or the trees of shrubs. When you have cleaned the roof to your satisfaction, get off the roof and get inside.
Shoveling snow off the roof is a dangerous job. You may do much better with a roof rake since it does not require you to climb the roof for the purpose of cleaning it.

How to Replace & Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade

Vice for Holding Pole Saw BladeWhen homeowners are at work sharpening their pole saw blades, they should make sure that they have very good lighting in order to really get a sense of the blade’s edge and how it reflects light.

Homeowners should then take orange oil and use it to help remove the tree residues and sawdust from the pole saw blade, especially its teeth. They can use a brass bristle brush to apply the oil and scrub off the tree residues. Some other types of brushes may harm the teeth of the saw blade. Once the blade is fairly clean, homeowners can take a compressed air hose and run the air over the pole saw blade.

On a sidenote… Did you know you can turn your weed eater into a powerful pole saw? Check out what I am talking about with these pole saw attachment reviews that cover most talked about and liked attachments for sale.

Replacing a Pole Saw or Saw Blade

You If you are in the market for a new pole saw or blade then you should check out some of Amazon’s replacement items. I prefer to shop on Amazon for these items because they ship large items like pole saws and replacement blades for free (as long as the order is over $25). This can be helpful for people like me who only drive a car, and cannot physically pick most items up at the store and drive home with them. I usually check out the reviews from places like & order the best reviewed item.

If you just want to get a new saw blade then go to Amazon and search for the “model” plus “replacement saw blade” and usually you will find one the right length to fit that particular brand.  Plus like I mentioned earlier, you just about can’t beat their prices, especially if you get free shipping on the items.

Top Sharpening Technique

The best way I know how to sharpen a pole saw blade is to use knife files to sharpen the individual teeth of their pole saw blades, after having the blade set into a vice so it will remain steady during the process. You set the file at the back of each tooth, and stroke the knife file against each tooth a few times, although a particularly dull blade may need more strokes. The newly sharpened tooth will cut through tree limbs much better. Whether or not you have experience with the process of sharpening blades, we always recommend that you  should wear leather safety gloves.

It’s best to sharpen pole saw blades sparingly, since they can only be sharpened so many times before they wear out and have to be replaced altogether. The manufacturers will usually offer replacement pole saw blades for as little as eleven dollars each. Pole saws have a locking mechanism that will have to be worked with in order to remove the existing blade. Homeowners will need to secure their pole saws properly during the replacement process for the sake of safety, but they should be able to easily loosen the current blade and secure the new one. Knowing how to replace and sharpen pole saw blades can save homeowners time and money.



How to Start a Commercial Bounce House Business

People that are throwing birthday parties or other types of parties will often rent bounce houses. People trying to start commercial bounce house businesses should try to familiarize themselves with the party and recreation business in general. Prospective business owners will need to get properly insured. The more bounce houses you rent out to people, the higher your insurance rates should be, as a general rule.

How to start Jumpy House Business

How to be Successful Renting Commercial Bouncers

Most bounce house business owners will have at least five bounce houses to rent out to potential customers. Turning a profit with less than five bounce houses is difficult. Start looking into how to buy a bounce house so that you can be prepared on what size and quality of  jumpy house to buy.

In order to compete with common birthday places such as Monkey Joes or Chuck e Cheese’s,  provide customers with high quality and safe bouncers. This will earn good reviews and repeat business from word of mouth referrals.

Bounce house business owners will spend a great deal of money on equipment when starting up. I recommended trying to get a used bouncy house if you are starting out on a limited budget. This will get you into smaller fairs, trade shows, and local festivals for less money than buying a brand new bouncer right off the bat. Another way to get the best deal is to check out the site Best Bounce House Reviews for top rated jumpers that get high rankings.

In addition to the bounce houses themselves, bounce house business owners should have trailers, trucks, and tarps for the bounce houses.

The demand for bounce house rentals is only going to be so high in a given area, so people in the bounce house business may end up traveling over great distances in order to expand their range of customers. Many of the skills involved with starting a commercial bounce house business are skills that would apply to all businesses. People that are good at marketing and self-promotion will know how to get a commercial bounce house business off the ground.

Anyone interested in the jumpy house business should know that the competition is fairly well-established, and it can be a difficult business to get into for people that aren’t especially familiar with the general field. The demand for bounce houses can fluctuate significantly. Successful people in the field will spend their weekends working hard, and it is often said that business owners never truly have days off, since they will always have to promote their businesses. However, people that are passionate about the field of recreation and have the necessary skills and work ethic should be able to run successful bounce house businesses.

How to remove or cover up fish breath?

No one likes to have bad breath. It makes social situations uncomfortable and lowers self esteem. Bad breath is especially a concern after eating certain foods. One of the worst foods for breath is fish. Fish, although delicious leaves behind a lingering fishy odor that is hard to mask let alone eliminate. To make things worse, the smell can linger even after brushing. Further steps have to be taken to remove or cover up fish breath. You just have to know what methods are effective at doing so.

How to Remove or Cover up Fish Breath
If you need to freshen up quickly, there are many ways to cover up fish breath temporarily in order to reduce the odor.

After you eat fish, fish breath can be improved by sipping on green tea, eating an apple slice or taking a sip of vodka. Do not go overboard with the alcohol though because too much alcohol leads to bad breath. Plus you don’t want to worry with using a breathalyzer if you plan on driving.

Green tea helps to improve bad breath because it is rich in polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant that inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth. Plus tea tastes good too! Apples are are rich in fiber which helps combat fishy breath while vodka kills bacteria in the mouth and has no lingering aftertaste.

How to Cure Fish Odor Syndrome or Trimethylaminuria:

If your breath has a bad fish odor, and you have not eaten any seafood then you may have Fish Odor Syndrome. If you have Trimethylaminuria not only will your breath have a pungent fishy smell, but also your whole body.

In order to cure it, a doctor will usually prescribe some antibiotics on a low dosage in order to balance out the bacteria located in the stomach. Talk to your physician about all of your options.

How to Remove Bad Seafood Breath:

To remove fish breath you have to start with good oral hygiene. Many hear the phrase “good oral hygiene” and only think of brushing when in fact flossing, tongue cleaning and mouthwash are extremely important. Flossing removes trapped food particles from in between teeth that toothbrushes often miss. You won’t be able to see the trapped food and it will get left to aid in the decay of your teeth. Tongue cleaning gets rid of odor causing bacteria from the mouth and mouthwash adds some extra freshness. Another way to remove fish breath is by cleaning your mouth right after eating. A toothpaste or oral rinse with chlorine dioxide will also remove the fish smell from breath.

Overall, no one wants bad breath of any kind. Fortunately, there are ways to cover up this problem and remove it. Certain foods and beverages such as green tea and apples can improve the smell of breath. Cleaning your mouth right after eating and using a chlorine dioxide toothpaste or mouthwash can remove it. All in all, learning how to remove or cover up fishy smells on breath is easy once you learn what works for your particular body.

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

If your garage door opener is not working, do not panic!  A few little clues can help you with garage door opener troubleshooting, and you’ll be in or out of your garage in a jiffy.

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

This article aims to give you a few key tips and pieces of advice to get that garage door working without costly expenses.  If you end up having to replace your garage door check out the best replacement garage door openers on the market today.

What is not working on the garage door?

To start with, if it’s the control pad that is failing to light up or if there is a weird adn unusual sound coming from the garage door motor itself, then you should be aware that this means those individual components are out of wake.  You have to look at the symptoms of the problem to see where to go for fixing.  If you are not sure if your garage door remote is working, try opening or closing your door by another way, perhaps with the wall mount operator.  If the wall mount works, you know you need a new battery or remote.  Sometimes there will be a blinking LED light on a remote to let you know the batteries are dead.  ,

If your wall mount does not work, but you know it’s not the component, because your remote still opens and closes your garage door, consider that the wall mount is often not battery run but instead usually runs on electricity from your home.  Examine the plug and wiring (just take precautions) and see if you can see any scorching, wires that are broken or exposed or any other obvious problem.  If there are electrical issues, consider speaking with and hiring a professional electrician unless you have experience in this area.  You can try resetting your breaker, though, as this causes little electric shock threat.

Finally, consider whether the sensors on your garage door are blocked.  On newer models, if something is obstructing the path of the garage door coming down, then it won’t open.  Even a small toy could cause this problem.

If you end up purchasing a new garage door, be sure to get a universal keypad to help you from getting stuck outside the house without a remote.

Check out these things first when you have problems with your garage door.  Chances are you can fix it yourself and avoid hefty fees and a hassle!

How to Make a Diaper Bouquet

Finding the perfect baby shower gift is becoming increasingly difficult: gone are the days where all that was was expected of you was a couple of pacifiers and a teething ring. Mums-to-be are expecting more and more, and we all want to find that extra special and totally unique gift that speaks from the heart. One of those gifts can be found by looking into camo diaper bag reviews for a great gift that you can buy. This review is one of many from the DIAPER BAG REVIEWS website. If you are like me though and want to be more personal and build something with your hands, keep reading!

How to Make a Diaper Bouqet

Look no further than a diaper bouquet: it’s the perfect baby shower gift and makes an ideal centerpiece too! Not only does it say, ‘I put thought and effort into this’, a diaper bouquet will not break the bank and can be whipped up in no time at all.

What You Will Need

– 1 pack of diapers
– Rubber Bands
– Tissue Paper
– Vase or Jar for presentation
– Styrofoam Ball
– Wooden sticks or pencils/ knitting needles etc
– Ribbon/ tags (Optional)


Firstly, place tissue paper at the bottom of the vase or jar for aesthetic value. Then take the Styrofoam ball and place into the base so that the wooden sticks (or whatever you are using) have something to stick in to.
You then need to take a diaper and roll it up, fixing it with a rubber band wound tight. Repeat until you have enough for the arrangement and then roll them down the wooden sticks and place into the Styrofoam ball. Note: The number of diapers you use is a personal choice – use many for a fuller bouquet, or few for a delicate and more discreet flower arrangement.
For a more even coverage – and for disguising the sticks – use extra tissue paper. You can then decorate the bouquet however you wish: ribbon, tags, etc. To ensure that you are in keeping with the baby shower colour scheme, choose the perfect coloured tissue paper prior to making the bouquet, and then you are sure to make an even greater impression on the host!

Where to find Antique Cast Iron Skillets

Many pieces of cast iron cookware have been passed down through generations in families, and are still used today to make the same great tasting food that was originally made in them by the first generation.  To start a new collection of cast iron cookware of your own, head over to Best Cast Iron Skillet Reviews for a “heads up” on which skillet is right for you. However, if you are wondering where to find antique cast iron skillets because of your love for these pieces, you will be easily able to find them in various places.

best antique skillets

Identifying Antique Cast Iron Skillets

To make sure you have indeed found an antique piece of cookware, you should know some identifying factors first. The foremost thing to check for is the manufacturer, which you should be able to find by looking at the bottom of the skillet. Most companies will have imprinted their logo, name and/or city where the pan was made on the bottom. You can also look for any letters, symbols or numbers which seem extraneous, since these are what is called pattern-maker marks and will identify the maker or the pattern. You might find the size marking as well that can help you to determine the age of the skillet.
The surface of the skillet can be a telling sign as well. A shiny surface can tell you that it is nickel-plated, which was a process that started around 1890. Later on many of these cast iron skillets had porcelain covering them. Other things such as the type of handle that the pan has, or if there is a heat ring on the bottom can tell you the age of a particular skillet. Also, if the skillet has a lid with it, it can tell you that it was made in the 1900’s, as they were not made until around 1915.

Where to Purchase Antique Skillets

Once you know some of the things to look for to correctly identify an antique skillet, you can start searching for them. Locally, you can first try any antique furniture or collectibles stores. Many times you can happen upon these pans at such places, and you can easily examine them to be sure of how old they truly are. You can also check places like a Salvation Army, flea markets and similar places.

If you want to search further, and perhaps with a lot more choices, you should search on the Internet. The major disadvantage here is that you won’t be able to physically examine the pans and will have to rely on the pictures that the seller provides. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller so that if there is a problem you can always return your purchase.

Where can I buy Antique Cast Iron Skillets Online?

There are some sites that are perfect to check out and specialize in such things, like However, you can also check sites such as, where you can find a whole separate antique section, and also, where there are several different sellers who have these pans for sale.

With a bit of searching, whether locally or online, you are sure to be able to discover where to find antique cast iron skillets and get the pieces you are looking for. Whether you want them for your own use, or for decoration, these antique pans look great in any collection.